I’ve blocked my ask box.. Yet half of y’all resorting to fan mail.

Idc! Stop tryna convince me that Rihanna is jealous of Chris and Karrueche’s relationship. Like how is she jealous? Why be jealous of something you’ve had already. Alls she does is like instagram pics all day. She hasn’t done anything else. She prolly does it to get bitches like y’all hyped up! She don’t fuckin care get it through ya head..

Please some of y’all need a break from that laptop, phones.. Or anything thing electronic that allows y’all to go on the Internet. Give your faves a break. Get a life for yourself, get off they dick! y’all know every everlasting detail about them.

This is the reason why I’m deletin this blog -_- like y’all don’t get tired?