Chris really does like older women!

Rihanna: 24
Draya: 27
Karrueche: 24 

The only young one was Jasmine & she’s 21.

Half his fan base wouldn’t have a shot if we tried -_- lol.

I’ve never had a problem with Seiko or Kae.. I’ve liked Seiko since Baldwin Hills days. Even though I kinda feel like she’s changed. Before she was associated ties with Kae or Chris. And to be honest even though I know Chris and Kae started dating at the end of 2010.. I ain’t know about her until really September of last year. Now you might say I ain’t a real fan because of that but I ain’t know about Draya or Jasmine until last year either. Hell I ain’t even believe Chris and Rihanna dated until the incident. Tbh honest i really didn’t even pay attention when Rihanna was dating that basketball player or when she was supposedly dating Drake. But I really don’t care about who my favs are dating. I care about the music for. I just think its stupid for fans to argue over dumb shit. Like those aren’t our problems to deal with. That’s why I feel like deleting this page and starting over. Before I ever decided to make this page I never really saw this side of being a fan. I just enjoyed they’re music and ain’t give a fuck about they’re personal lives or the beef that fans had. So I guess you could call me a “Just a Fan” instead of a “Stan”

A Chrae vs Chrianna war bout to start up again. Lmfao… *sits back and eats popcorn*

And to be honest I wanna see Rih & Kare become friends. They have to many friends in the same circle to be actin ratchet!

Na come to think of it… Draya & Kae hanging out?

Lmao. They all buddy buddy.. Oh nah! That’s sus hell! Idc Idc Idc!!!