I’ve blocked my ask box.. Yet half of y’all resorting to fan mail.

Idc! Stop tryna convince me that Rihanna is jealous of Chris and Karrueche’s relationship. Like how is she jealous? Why be jealous of something you’ve had already. Alls she does is like instagram pics all day. She hasn’t done anything else. She prolly does it to get bitches like y’all hyped up! She don’t fuckin care get it through ya head..

Please some of y’all need a break from that laptop, phones.. Or anything thing electronic that allows y’all to go on the Internet. Give your faves a break. Get a life for yourself, get off they dick! y’all know every everlasting detail about them.

This is the reason why I’m deletin this blog -_- like y’all don’t get tired?

TBH I think Rihanna be liking these pictures on instagram purposely..

She does to get y’all all worked up & y’all fall for it everytime :’D

I’ve never had a problem with Seiko or Kae.. I’ve liked Seiko since Baldwin Hills days. Even though I kinda feel like she’s changed. Before she was associated ties with Kae or Chris. And to be honest even though I know Chris and Kae started dating at the end of 2010.. I ain’t know about her until really September of last year. Now you might say I ain’t a real fan because of that but I ain’t know about Draya or Jasmine until last year either. Hell I ain’t even believe Chris and Rihanna dated until the incident. Tbh honest i really didn’t even pay attention when Rihanna was dating that basketball player or when she was supposedly dating Drake. But I really don’t care about who my favs are dating. I care about the music for. I just think its stupid for fans to argue over dumb shit. Like those aren’t our problems to deal with. That’s why I feel like deleting this page and starting over. Before I ever decided to make this page I never really saw this side of being a fan. I just enjoyed they’re music and ain’t give a fuck about they’re personal lives or the beef that fans had. So I guess you could call me a “Just a Fan” instead of a “Stan”

A Chrae vs Chrianna war bout to start up again. Lmfao… *sits back and eats popcorn*

I find it a shame the y’all have audacity to get at Rihanna. like I’ve said before Rih is a grown ass women. Her and Chris was a couple for two years before anybody was intrested in Drake and Meek. Like that’s a bitch move fighting over a girl y’all all messed with. Its not like she messed with all three of them at the same time. Shit if Rihanna’s a hoe than that than theres a lot of motherfuckin hoes out there. Don’t act like y’all don’t have sex with men unless you in a relationship with them. Y’all bitches always find a way to throw her under the bus and shit. Y’all always on her dick and y’all her fuckin fans. I find it funny how you all say y’all don’t like the bitch but every time I turn around her name in y’all mouthes.

I stand by it she ain’t got nothing to do with grown ass men actin like little girls. So you can stay mad but she’s in a place a lot of you haters wanna be..

And to be honest I wanna see Rih & Kare become friends. They have to many friends in the same circle to be actin ratchet!

One Thing I Hate ….

All these bandwagon fans. Everybody was comin at Rihanna in 2009. Talkin bout how they hated her & how she couldn’t sing and shit. Now everybody on her dick talkin bout they been a fan. GTFOH & stop lyin!