Chris & Karrueche relationship may seem a little off sometimes but I’m happy. I don’t know what it is About there relationship that I like so much but it’s something there. It’s so adorable that I can’t help but smile every time I see a picture of them together. even with all the rumors in all the shade. I will always love Chris and Rihanna as a couple but I must admit I want him & Kae to last. I just ask Kae to do this for me.. To put that nigga in check cause he be outta line sometimes! I understand you Ray Charles to the bullshit but come on mama. For those who constantly mad that she’s still there.. Well it ain’t her fault that Chris allows her to stay. She doin something right *shrugs*

Lmao.. Chris said I know y&#8217;all about that life! Got me Rollin.

Lmao.. Chris said I know y’all about that life! Got me Rollin.

Even though Fortune is not out yet I can tell you that Fools With You will be my favorite song!

0.o *grabs popcorn and sits back* #subcity

0.o *grabs popcorn and sits back* #subcity

The amount of followers got on Instagram when we found out he had one

Only one picture … It’s something serious #teambreezy!

I Need more Chris Brown Blogs to follow .. Anybody know any good ones ?


i have no problem with chris dating kae. the point is whats up with the tag alongs? is chris dating karrueche or karrueche and the gang?